Best time to take vitamins

The Best Time To Take Vitamins & Other Vitamin Tips

The best time to take vitamins is during the day after a meal. When vitamins are taken on an empty stomach they tend to pass through the body too quickly, especially vitamin C and the B vitamins. But if you are taking a multivitamin with extra added iron, the best time to take it might be between meals and they can also be taken with a light snack such as a couple of crackers. Though lunchtime is the best time to take vitamin supplements, if you can't due to scheduling conflicts or a special diet, they can be taken after another meal. If you also take a daily fiber supplement it should be taken at a separate meal.

The most important rule of vitamin storage is keep them out of the reach of children. Its best to store vitamins in a cool dark place. Vitamins should always be stored in their original container with the lid on. Putting a few grains of rice into the container, especially if you live in a humid climate, will prevent moisture from compromising the vitamins.

Did you know that its ok for adults to take children's chewable vitamins? Many vitamins marketed for children have an appropriate adult dosage printed on the label as well. Adult vitamin tablets can also be crushed between two spoons and mixed with a food such as applesauce if you have difficulty swallowing the tablets.

There are certain medications that can interact negatively with certain vitamin supplements. For instance vitamin E may multiply the effects of blood thinners and therefore result in internal bleeding, whereas vitamin K can decrease the effects of blood thinners, possibly resulting in blood clots. Which brings us to the foremost vitamin tip: Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplement or multivitamin.

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