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If you are one of the health conscious on a budget, buy vitamins online to get the biggest bargains. Online vitamin stores offer discounts of up to 70% off the retail price. Some online vitamin suppliers also order free shipping on vitamin orders over a certain amount. Buying vitamins online can also save you time if you are looking to comparison shop. Instead of running from store to store looking for the best bargains on vitamins, you can go online and compare prices. Online sites such as and can be searched for a particular vitamin type, and will bring up results with all the online sites that carry it and how much it costs at each site. That way you can pick the best bargain.

When shopping online you can buy both single vitamin supplements and multi-vitamins. These vitamins may come in capsule, regular and chewable tablet, caplet, liquid or powder form. Some popular vitamin brands that you can buy at discounted prices online include Atkins, Vitamin Power, Centrum, Herbalife, Glucerna, One A Day, Olay Vitamins, etc. Some examples of online stores which carry vitamins include Alfa Vitamins, Doctor's Trust, One Vitamin Way, Wholesale Supplement Store and The Vitamin Bin.

Keep in mind when buying vitamins that they can have adverse side effects just as prescription and over the counter medicines can. Which is why it always advisable to seek professional medical advice prior to taking any type of vitamin supplements. With that said, there are innumerable possible health benefits to be reaped from vitamin supplements such as reducing the incidence of attacks in chronic asthma sufferers, preventing or slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease, the list goes on and on.

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