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Flintstones, the leading maker of vitamins for children, has revolutionized the children's multivitamin industry. First introduced in 1968, Flinstone Vitamins is the brand of chewable vitamins most often recommended by pediatricians. Parents choose Flinstones Vitamins 5 to 1 over the second leading children's vitamin brand. This popular vitamin brand also came in first in taste tests by children.

Flinstones has a whole line of multivitamins geared towards children's particular eating habits and dietary lags. These vitamins are intended as a supplement to help fill in vitamin and mineral gaps in children's diets. Flintstones Multiple Formula is appropriate for children who sometimes don't eat a well balanced diet. Flintstones Multivitamins with Extra Vitamin C (introduced in 1980) are for children who don't eat many fruits and vegetables. Children who don't eat enough meat, fish and green leafy vegetables should take Flintstones Vitamins Plus Iron (introduced in 1969). For picky eaters there is Flintstones Complete (introduced in 1982).

Then there is Flintstones Vitamins Plus Calcium (introduced in 1993) for children who don't like to drink milk and don't eat very many dairy products. Flintstones Originals, is the vitamin many of today's parents grew up taking. My First Flintstones are specially formulated multivitamins for toddlers.

Flinstones chewable vitamins are almost as appealing to children as candy. They even come in the cute Flintstone character shapes of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, Barney, Betty (whose character was added when the Flintmobile was discontinued in 1995), Bamm-Bamm, and the newest character added: The Great Gazoo. But as with any medication, vitamins should be stored well out of the reach of children. Poison control or a physician should be consulted if a child ingests more then the recommended dosage.

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