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Health Supplements - The Essential Guide

Health supplements should be used only to supplement healthy eating. For this purpose a health supplement helps promote optimal health. The three major supplement categories are vitamins, minerals and herbs. These supplements can alleviate a plethora of health issues. People whose diets are consistently unhealthy or who suffer from mal-absorption diseases, may benefit from extra amounts of certain nutrients in the form of a dietary supplement.

Vitamins are organic substances essential to maintaining good health. Both multi-vitamin supplements and single vitamin supplements have health benefits such as strengthening the immune system and slowing down the aging process. Though rare in industrialized nations, extremely low levels of vitamins in the body can cause deficiency diseases, in which case a vitamin supplement may be called for. Health care missionary workers in underdeveloped nations have helped diminish the incidence of deficiency diseases with the regular distribution of multi-vitamin supplements.

Minerals are inorganic substances also necessary for good health. Alleviating menstruation related symptoms and regulating blood pressure are examples of health conditions which can be helped by a single mineral supplement or a combination supplement. Inadequate consumption of dietary minerals can cause degenerative diseases in addition to other health issues. Mineral supplements may eliminate these health concerns.

Potential health benefits of herbal supplements are gaining more attention from the scientific community. For instance Devil's Claw has been shown to relieve backaches and arthritis symptoms. Other studies have shown a 1-3g Primrose supplement can alleviate eczema symptoms.

Sometimes a combination of two or more of the categories of supplements can work together producing healthful results. For example the minerals calcium and magnesium help the body's absorption of vitamin C. Whether the supplement is a vitamin, mineral, herb or a combination thereof, a physician should always be consulted prior to embarking on a supplement regimen.

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