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Herbal Vitamin - Your Essential Guide

An herbal supplement, also sometimes called herbal vitamin, can be used to treat a variety of ailments. For centuries herbalists have been aware of the therapeutic uses of herbs. But it took modern science to isolate and standardize these herbal vitamins, or herbal remedies, so herbs could be mass-produced in supplement form. Newer herbal remedies and the potential health benefits of herbs continue to be studied. Furthermore there has been a recent surge of the public's interest in herbal therapies.

St. John's Wort is one of the herbs that has garnered more attention recently. This herb is found mainly in Europe and Asia. The parts of the plant used to make it are the herb and flower. This herb's most popular current use is to treat mood related disorders such as depression, stress and social anxiety disorder. But the herb may also be useful in the treatment of insomnia, nausea and nighttime incontinence.

The mistletoe herb is most commonly associated with Christmastime kisses, but it actually has therapeutic uses as well. This herb is found on several tree species including fruit and oak trees. Herbalists have long used the leaves and young twigs of this plant to treat epilepsy, UTIs, ulcers and high blood pressure.

These are only two examples of the helpful uses of herbs. A trip to the health food store can uncover a wealth of information on the therapeutic uses of other herbs. Herbal supplements can be purchased just about anywhere vitamins are sold. Though it is important to remember that just because it's a naturally occurring herb, doesn't mean its 100% safe. Herbs can have negative side effects just as traditional medicines can, so it is wise to consult a physician and/or licensed herbalist prior to attempting to self-medicate with an herbal remedy.

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