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Baby Vitamins - Check With A Doctor First

So your pediatrician has recommended your baby take a vitamin. But which Baby vitamins should you use: prescription or over the counter vitamins, regular infant vitamin drops or the kind that can be mixed in the baby's formula? Where can you buy a baby vitamin? Try supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and the internet. Ask your baby's doctor for his recommendation on which vitamins to get and where to buy those vitamins.

If you are buying vitamins for your baby over the counter, there are several kinds to choose from. Some product names include Maxi Baby C-Liquid, Baby Plex, Baby-Me-Now, Baby's Jarro Dopholis, Gerber Vitamin Drops, Great Beginnings Infant Multi-Vitamins, and Goldline Infant Vitamin Drops With Iron. Check stores like CVS, Total Health Discount Vitamins, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Baby Center and Walmart when shopping for vitamins for your baby.

Newborns are given either a vitamin K injection or supplement to improve their blood clotting abilities. Formula fed infants usually do not need vitamin supplements unless they have a mal-absorption disease or were premature and drinking less then half a quart of formula daily. If your baby is exclusively breast fed she may need supplements of vitamins A, C, and D or a multi-vitamin beginning at about one week of age, especially if you are a vegetarian or if the baby doesn't get at least 15 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight per week.

Remember it is imperative to consult a pediatrician before giving your baby any vitamin supplement. With a pediatrician's okay you may then want to ask around and see what other parents are using and where they purchased it.

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