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Benefits Of Vitamin E - Good For The Heart

The health benefits of vitamin E are numerous. Vitamin E is beneficial for the heart, eyes, skin and mood just to name a few. Everybody requires a diet that includes the adequate consumption of e-vitamins. But those with certain conditions will benefit more from this vitamin then others and some will benefit from a higher then average daily intake of vitamin E. Luckily, there are plenty of foods that will help you get your recommended daily allowance of vitamin E and e-vitamin supplements are available over the counter almost anywhere food is sold.

Vitamin E benefits can be reaped from a variety of food sources. The best dietary sources of vitamin E are nuts, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Since they have a relatively high concentration of e-vitamins, cooking with sunflower seed oil and wheat germ oil is another easy way to help ensure that you reap the benefits of the daily recommended allowance of this important vitamin.

If you aren't getting 8/10mg of vitamin E daily through your regular diet or your doctor thinks you'll benefit from a higher then average daily intake of e-vitamins then vitamin supplements may be necessary. Vitamin E supplements come in capsule, tablet, liquid and gel cap forms. Look in the medicine aisle of your grocery store or at a nutrition center for e-vitamin supplements.

Bruising and tiring easily are a couple of the indicators of a vitamin E deficiency. A diet rich in e-vitamins may help prevent cataracts, cancer, infection, heart disease, alzheimers, etc. Others who can benefit from a vitamin E supplement also include those with high fat diets and those living in heavily polluted areas. Review your diet with your doctor to learn if you should be taking vitamin supplements.

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