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Best Weight Loss Supplement - Thats a Good Question

Dieters often wonder which of the many weight loss supplements on the market is the best weight loss supplement. Most doctors will tell you that the best weight loss supplements are the most natural ones. The natural supplements doctors often recommend, in addition to a healthy diet, contain one or a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. These more natural supplements are normally the most cost effective since they are usually not marketed as weight loss supplements. Some of the vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. that may help weight loss include:

Vitamin H - Since it is theorized that vitamin H has a role in fat metabolism, it may aid weight loss.
Iodine - Getting enough iodine can improve a sluggish thyroid gland thereby improving weight problems.
Chitosan - Chitosan supplements are said to reduce the absorption of fat which can lead to weight loss.
CLA - Preliminary CLA studies seem to indicate that it can reduce body fat, but at the same time maintains bone tissue and muscle.
Fiber Supplements - Taken with plenty of water these supplements produce a feeling of fullness and therefore reduce the need to eat as much.
Chickweed - Anecdotal evidence suggests that this herb can maximize weight loss.
Dandelion - This has a gentle diuretic effect and therefore may be helpful to those wishing to lose some excess water weight.

All this is not to say that products marketed as weight loss supplements are necessarily dangerous or totally ineffective. In fact a number of them contain some of the above ingredients. But these weight loss supplements can also contain questionable substances, artificial colors, artificial favors and preservatives.

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