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Complete Vitamins - What Are They?

Multivitamins are also sometimes called complete vitamins. A complete vitamin, or multivitamin, is a compound consisting of various vitamins and/or minerals and/or herbs all taken in a single dose. Complete multivitamins can come in capsule, regular and chewable tablets, liquid, powder, injection and gel-cap forms. Multivitamins are often specialized for a particular group of people such as women, men, children, babies, athletes, menopausal women, senior citizens, teenagers, pregnant women, etc. Combinations of vitamins in one dose are easier to swallow and remember to take than several separate vitamins or supplements.

Complete multivitamins are sold under many product names such as: KAL Enhanced Energy Teen Complete, Country Life Max Multivitamin for Men, Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System 60T , Trace Minerals Research Complete Children's 60 Wafer Chewables, Great Beginnings Infant Multivitamins, Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral Herbal Tablets, etc. These and other multivitamins are sold in department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, through mail order catalogs, the internet and even from some cable channels. Some specific names of stores etc. which carry multivitamins include Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, Walgreens, General Nutrition Center, Doctors Trust Vitamins, Rite Aid, The Vitamin Bin and Home Shopping Network.

Doctors are a terrific source of complete multivitamin info. They also often have vitamin handouts and informational pamphlets. Some of these might include information about health benefits, drug interaction precautions, etc. Health benefits of multivitamins include boosting the immune system, preventing birth defects and slowing down the aging process. Everyone should consult a physician prior to taking a multivitamin, especially those on blood thinners, cholesterol lowering drugs and antidepressants.

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