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Daily Vitamins - Whats Essential?

There are conflicting studies as to whether everyone can benefit from daily vitamins. Those most at risk for a vitamin deficiency include vegetarians, elderly and those suffering from mal-absorption diseases. Anyone falling into those categories may benefit from a daily vitamin supplement or multi-vitamin. Studies show that the health conscious who already eat a balanced diet are the ones most likely to take vitamins daily. In other words, those who might benefit most from a daily multi-vitamin are the ones most likely not to be taking those vitamins.

A multi-vitamin will provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of essential vitamins. Certain circumstances might call for vitamin supplements in dosages higher then the minimum RDA. For instance individuals with mal-absorption conditions such as colitis, Chrohn's and celiac disease would benefit from a higher daily doses of vitamins in order to ensure that their body retains enough vitamins to maintain good health. Supplementing 300mg above the RDA of vitamin C daily improves vision in cataracts sufferers. Extra vitamin B6 in the form of a supplement has been shown to reduce symptoms of PMS. Morning sickness in pregnant woman can be alleviated by a daily combination of a 25mg vitamin C supplement and a 5mg vitamin K supplement.

Vitamin supplements and multi-vitamins can be purchased at supermarkets, department stores, health food stores, pharmacies and the internet. Many choose to shop online for vitamins because websites often offer huge discounts and it is quicker and easier to comparison shop on the internet. The Vitamin Shoppe and The Vitamin Bin are two online resources for discount vitamins. Of course a physician should be consulted prior to starting a daily multi-vitamin or vitamin supplement.

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