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Nutritional supplements can have a number of health benefits some of which include reducing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, relieving muscle cramps, reducing the risk of breast cancer, maximizing bone density and preventing cataracts. For those on a budget, a discount nutritional supplement is the way to go. Discount nutritional supplements can be found in some department stores, pharmacies and health food stores. By far the hugest nutritional supplement discounts to be found are on the internet.

Some web stores which carry discounted nutritional supplements include. My Supplement Store, Doctors Trust, Supplement Central, A1 Supplements, Your Nutrition Store, Wholesale Supplement Store and Wow Supplements. Many websites off free shipping on nutrition supplement orders over a certain amount. Popular brand names carried at some of these stores at discounts of up to 80% off include Atkins Nutritionals, Nature's Way, Hero Nutritional Pro, Universal Nutrition and Centrum.

Comparison shopping for nutritional supplements is made easier at sites such as and A search for a particular supplement will bring up a list of web stores which carry it and at what prices, so the best bargain can be had. For instance a bottle of Rainbow Light Advanced Nutritional System 240T can be found at four different web stores for prices ranging between $30.00 and $40.00. A 180T bottle of the same nutritional supplement can be found at four different web stores for prices ranging between $25.00 and $32.00. As always a physician should always be consulted prior to taking any supplements.

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