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Sports supplements are broadly defined as products used to enhance athletic performance. Improving performance is on the minds of most athletic competitors and fitness buffs. The way to achieve results is to spend time at the gym or practicing the sport. Sports supplements may enhance or speed up these results. There are a number of natural sports supplements out there which have relatively few side effects (though of course a physician should be consulted prior to taking any type of supplement). For the fitness buff on a budget, supplements can be cost prohibitive. But there are discount sports supplements available.

Sports supplements can be found in department stores, health food stores, pharmacies, fitness centers, gyms, catalogs and the internet. One way to find a discount sports supplement is to watch for in store sales and coupons or to shop at discount stores. Discounts of up to 70% can be found online and both web stores and mail order catalogs often offer free shipping on sports supplement orders over a certain amount. These discounted supplements are sold under brand names such as Muscle Tech, Sportpharma, Atkins, GNC, One A Day, Worldwide Sports, Sports One, etc. Look for discounted sports supplements at venues such as Rite Aid, Supplements to Go, Nutrition, GNC and Wholesale Supplement Store.

The staff at fitness centers, gyms and health food stores should be able to advise athletes and fitness buffs as to which supplements would best fit their particular needs. These places also often have handouts, pamphlets, etc. about different issues regarding sports supplements. Another resource are your fellow fitness buffs. Ask around to see which supplements seemed to work best for your friends and acquaintances and where they found the best bargain.

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