Discount Nutritional Supplements

Discount Nutritional Supplements – Get a Bargain

Generally speaking, nutritional supplements fall into three categories: vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These supplements can have myriad health benefits including slowing down the aging process, lowering cholesterol and treating depression. While a nutritious diet is best certain individuals, such as those with nutrient mal-absorption diseases, may need a nutrition supplement to maintain adequate levels of essential nutrients.

There are bargains to be found for those on a budget. The best sources of discount nutritional supplements tend to be catalogs and the Internet. Comparison shopping for a discount nutritional supplement is by far quickest and easiest when done online.

What Should I take

Even healthy individuals with a nutritiously balanced diet may benefit from extra nutrients in the form of a supplement. For instance an 80-100g daily vitamin E supplement, has shown success in preventing heart attacks, strokes and angina. A 200mg daily supplement of zinc gluconate can reduce the incidence and severity of chronic acne outbreaks.

Echinacea supplements may prevent colds, flu, ear infections and yeast infections. All of these supplements and more can be found at huge discounts on the web and/or in catalogs. Of course a physician should be consulted prior to embarking on a supplement regimen.

Many popular brands have lines of nutrition supplements, such as Absolute Nutrition, CortiSlim, Centrum, Avon, Universal Nutrition and Atkins Nutritional.

 These can be found discounted up to 80% and with free shipping (certain conditions may apply) in catalogs and at various web stores. Some of the web stores which sell supplements include: Wholesale Supplement Store, Vitamin Shoppe, House of Nutrition, Supplement Express, A1 Nutrition Products, Fitness Insanity and Supplements to Go. A great catalog for discount priced supplements is the Puritan’s Pride catalog. Another example of a discount catalog resource is the Bronson Laboratories catalog.


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