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Vitamins must be present in the diet for the body to function properly. Vitamins can prevent or alleviate symptoms of innumerable ailments. Those individuals who don't get adequate amounts of vitamins through diet alone, whether due to poor eating habits or a medical condition which hinders vitamin absorption, may benefit from daily vitamin supplements or multi-vitamins. Of course a physician should be consulted prior to attempting to treat any condition with vitamins. Though many may benefit from vitamin supplements, embarking on a vitamin regimen can be cost prohibitive for those on a budget. Reaping the possible health benefits of vitamin supplements can be made more affordable by putting a little time and effort into finding sources of discount vitamins.

One discount vitamin source is department stores. Walmart is one of the discount stores that carry vitamin supplements. Watch for in store sales for further discounts on vitamins. Supermarkets and pharmacies also carry over the counter vitamins which can be more affordable when coupons are used. Then there are stores which specialize in discounted vitamins. One such store is Super Supplements which has a chain of stores throughout the state of Washington and sells name brand vitamins at discount prices of up to 50% off.

Arguably the greatest resource for finding vitamins at discounted prices is the internet. It is certainly easier to comparison shop online rather then going from store to store looking for the best discount. A search of web stores can bring discounts of up to 80% off the retail price of vitamins. Websites which offer discounted vitamins and often free shipping too include Doctor's Trust, Vitamin Shoppe and Supplement Central. Whether online or in store, shop around to find the best vitamin bargains.

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