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Drop Shipping Supplements - Right to Your Door

Do you have a health food or nutrition related web store and are thinking of selling nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc.? Then drop shipping may be the answer for you. Drop shipping supplements eliminates the need for space to store your supplement stock, the cost and bother of buying packing and shipping supplies, trips to the post office to ship the supplements, etc. Ebay sellers may also want to consider looking into drop shipping supplement vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Here is a basic summary of how supplement drop shipping normally works. The supplement makers sell cases of supplements to a drop shipping warehouse. You as the supplement seller would contract with this drop shipping warehouse. When a customer visiting your website or ebay listing purchases a supplement or supplements from you, you send an email to the drop shipping warehouse with the customers order, name and shipping address. The drop shipping warehouse then ships the supplement order to the customer with you business's name on the box.

Some drop shipping warehouses will contract with sellers for free, you only pay them whatever it is they charge for the product, often wholesale prices, plus shipping, then you mark it up to retail price and make your profit. Unlike when you stock products yourself, you only pay for the products that have already been sold to customers.

There are many drop shipping warehouses out there that stock nutritional supplements. It is advisable to research your options, easily done on the internet, before settling on one to work with. Try asking other sellers about their experiences with a particular warehouse or warehouses.

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