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Fitness Supplements - Keeping The Pace

Supplements can be an important part of any fitness routine. Fitness supplements should not replace proper nutrition of course. Whether you are a serious athlete or are just doing some walking to drop a few pounds, a fitness supplement can be beneficial if used under a physician's supervision. Supplements for fitness may include products that are actually marketed as such, but may also include multi-vitamins and other kinds of supplements. The particular benefit of fitness supplementing depends on the ingredients in the supplement you choose.

Ingredients in supplements marketed for fitness vary, but can be vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. For instance fitness buffs say vitamin C decreases recovery time between workouts. Calcium, known to maintain bone strength, is a supplement used by some athletes to prevent muscle cramps during or after their fitness routines. Ginseng supplements may reduce workout fatigue. Then there are supplements which contain creatine which is known in fitness circles to build muscle mass, while weight lifters and sprinters use creatine supplements during their short intense exercises. Supplements containing amino acids are said to improve endurance and strength training results. Other supplement ingredients that have gained accolades in the fitness world include antioxidants, CoQ10, yohimbe, whey protein, magnesium, vitamin E and chromium.

These supplements may be found in health food stores, pharmacies, department stores, fitness centers, web stores, and mail order catalogs. The staff at health food stores and fitness centers should be able to advise you as to which supplement may be appropriate for your particular fitness needs.

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