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Food Supplement - What Are They?

A food supplement, AKA dietary supplement, is loosely defined as a product taken by mouth, containing dietary ingredients and intended to supplement the diet. Dietary ingredients in food supplements can be one or any combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, amino acids, or enzymes. Food/dietary supplement packaging is prohibited by the FDA from making claims that supplements cure diseases.

One example of a food/dietary supplement is artichoke capsules. This supplement is derived from globe artichoke leaves. The recommended adult intake is 320mg daily. Studies have shown this supplement to be successful in lowering cholesterol, treating indigestion, and reducing the risk of liver disease.

Co-enzyme Q10 supplements come in capsule, tablet and gel-cap form. Up to 300mg daily is considered safe. Those on blood thinners should avoid this dietary supplement. Co-enzyme Q10 is derived from meats, seafood and whole grains. This supplement is important to heart and gum health and may prevent symptom's of Alzheimer's disease.

Those are only a couple of the examples of food/dietary supplements, others include fish oil, ginger, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, etc. Additional supplement health benefits may include speeded wound healing (vitamin B5), maximized bone density (calcium), weight loss (chitosan), improved eyesight (vitamin A), PMS relief (magnesium), liver benefits (dandelion), etc.

Dietary supplements are sold under brand names such as Food Science, Atkins, Mega Foods, Biotec Foods, One A Day, Heart Foods, Green Foods and even the chain pharmacy Rite Aid has their own brand of dietary supplements. These supplements can be found everywhere from supermarkets to pharmacies to specialized nutrition centers. Some of these stores include Supplement Express, Walgreens, Supplements to Go, Wholesale Supplement Store and Rite Aid. A physician can recommend which supplements may benefit a particular individual.

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