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Foods Contain Vitamins - Eat Healthy Food

Healthy foods contain vitamins and the healthiest foods contain several vitamins. One way to ensure that a food contains vitamins is to shop for it in the produce section of your supermarket. Fruits and vegetables tend to be the most vitamin rich foods and green leafy vegetables are usually rich food sources of more then one vitamin.

Foods with high concentrations of vitamin A are liver, egg yolk and seafood. Peas, oranges and potatoes contain vitamin B1. Organ meats, cheddar cheese and fortified breakfast cereals are among the top food sources of vitamin B2. Whereas poultry, wheat germ and cod are great sources of vitamin B3. Vitamin B5 is found in nuts, avocado and apples. Foods which contain vitamin B6 include liver, Brussels sprouts and bananas. B12 is the vitamin contained in liver, poultry, eggs, etc. Broccoli, cabbage and oranges are some top food sources of vitamin C. While some of the top 10 sources of vitamin D would be fish, eggs and cheddar cheese. Sunflower seeds are the number one food source of vitamin E and nuts and spinach also have high concentrations. Examples of foods containing vitamin H are nuts, organ meats, and egg yolk. And broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage contain the highest concentrations of vitamin K.

You may want to consult your doctor about a vitamin supplement if you don't think you are getting enough of a particular vitamin in your diet. Doctors also sometimes have handouts concerning vitamins. Health food stores are another good source of vitamin info and you may also be able to purchase vitamin supplements there if your doctor recommends them.

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