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Growth supplements may reduce the signs and symptoms of aging, improve energy and stamina, and increase the growth of lean body muscle mass. An over the counter growth supplement doesn't have the severe side effects often associated with the injectible form of the human growth hormone (HGH) supplement. HGH is the most abundant hormone in the human brain, but it declines significantly with age which is why so many individuals consider supplementing, thus accounting for the considerable market for human growth hormone supplements. Of course a physician should be consulted before taking any supplement.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed human growth hormone in supplement form to have many benefits. Other then helping to grow muscle mass, these include improving sleep patterns, enhancing libido, decreasing body fat and maximizing mental focus. HGH supplements can be purchased over the counter except for HGH injectible supplements which are by prescription only, cost considerably more and have dangerous side effects. The side effects of injectible human growth hormone supplements include possible diabetes, headaches, water retention, stiff joints, elevated blood pressure, etc.

Look for HGH supplements online to get the greatest discounts, up to 70% and often free shipping on supplement orders over a certain amount. Some stores to check out are Supplement Central, CVS, Wholesale Supplement Store, A1 Supplements, GNC, My Supplement Store and Affordable Supplements. Live Young Oral Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone, TwinLab Ultra3 Growth Fuel, Juiced Protein with MyoZap, Maximum Result HGH Complex and Young Again Human Growth Hormone Stimulant are but a few of the product names under which you will find HGH supplements.

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