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Male Supplement - Big Business

Male supplements are the fastest growing arm of the nutritional supplement industry. There are bodybuilding supplements, sports supplements, health supplements, energy supplements, supplements to help males trim down, supplements to help them bulk up, etc. These supplements come in many forms such as pills, liquid, powder, shakes and bars, etc. A male supplement can be purchased just about anywhere vitamins are sold. Although supplements for males can come in snazzy, colorful packaging and are heavily marketed and advertised, some of the supplements that do the most for male health are the simplest and least expensive ones.

As far as "commercialized" men's supplements go, they are sold under a wide variety of product names such as Now's Male Tonic, Alpha Male by Biotest, Adam Men's Multivitamin, Male Fuel by TwinLab, Muscle Tech, Futurebiotics Male Power, Male Formula, etc. These supplements may be found at Betterbodz Fitness Shop, GNC, Sports Nutrition Outpost and Rite Aid, just to name a few.

Simpler supplements for men can be found in single nutrient forms. Especially beneficial to the health of adult males are Saw Palmetto, selenium, garlic, vitamin E and Zinc. Although a physician should be consulted prior to self-medicating any symptoms, these all have proven uses. For instance Saw Palmetto and/or zinc can reduce swelling in men with benign prostate disease and zinc may increase male fertility.

The mineral selenium can reduce the risk of heart disease and certain forms of cancer. Garlic supplements can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. While a 600mg supplement
of vitamin E daily can raise the sperm count and motility. All of these supplements tend to be less expensive, more natural and with less additives then their more commercialized counterparts above.

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