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The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for mens vitamins varies somewhat from the RDA for women's vitamins. Mens vitamin supplements and multi-vitamins is a growing industry. Some popular brand names with a line of vitamin supplements and/or multi-vitamins specialized for men include Natural Sport, Vitamin Shoppe and Muscle Tech.

The RDA for vitamin B1 for men 19 and over is 1.2mg or about the amount in a 5oz serving of peas. A 5oz serving of baked chicken has the 16mg RDA of vitamin B3. While the daily B3 upper limit for men is 35mg. The 5mg RDA of vitamin B5 can be had in a 3oz serving of liver. Men should get at least 1.3mg a day of vitamin B6, but no more then 100mg. An average serving of liver contains the B6 RDA.

The RDA for vitamin B12 for men is 2.4mcg or about the amount in a pork chop. Non-smoking men should get 90mg of vitamin C daily, while smokers should get 125mg which is contained in an average sized green pepper. The vitamin D in tuna fish will provide men with their RDA. When it comes to vitamin E, sunflower seeds can ensure men get enough. Peanut butter is a great source of vitamin H and green leafy vegetables are the richest dietary sources of vitamin K.

While a balanced diet is the best way for men to get the RDA of essential vitamins, supplements are another option. America's Vitamin and Nutrition, CVS, The Vitamin Bin, Vitamin Bungalow, Rite Aid, Total Health Vitamin Discount and Walgreens are stores where men's vitamin supplements can be found. Health food stores, department stores, catalogs and the internet are all great vitamin resources. Of course a physician should be consulted prior to taking any vitamin supplement.

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