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Nutrition Facts - Where To Find It

In our current nutrition conscious society, nutritious fast food may sound like an oxymoron. But nutritionally sound options are available at your favorite restaurants. Or more to the point, it is easier nowadays to get the nutrition facts necessary to make the most nutritious choice from the available fast food options.

Nutrition fact sheets, listing nutrients, fat and sodium content, etc., are now required to be provided by fast food establishments. Many places now offer carb fact sheets as well. Often nutrient fact sheets are posted on the wall next to the cash registers. At other restaurants you must request a copy of the nutritional facts. Whether you are watching your weight or just want to make the most nutritious choice possible, make sure to get the facts next time you dine out.

Nutritionally speaking some choices are much worse then others. The fact is that many low-on-nutrition fast food choices are made even less nutritious by what is added to the meal such as condiments or soft drinks, which can be high in fat, sugar or calories and low in nutrients. Some of the least nutritious choices are fried chicken, croissants, fries and onion rings. Also avoid non-nutritious add-ons such as mayonnaise, cheese sauce and most salad dressings. If you must have one of those nutrient-free soft drinks get a small, thereby saving yourself over 100 calories.

In addition to making nutrient fact sheets available, many fast food restaurants are now offering more nutritious alternatives to the usual fare such as water, skim milk, fruit cups, fat free dressings, carrot sticks and yogurt. Some of the more nutritious menu options include grilled chicken of fish sandwiches, regular hamburger, baked potato and whole wheat wraps. The fact is eating out needn't be a nutrition disaster.

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