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Can Good Nutrition For Kids Be Found In A School Cafeteria?

Step one in determining if good nutrition for kids can be had at your kid's school is knowing what a nutritionally sound diet for kids really means. Next familiarize yourself with what nutrients are most essential for kids to maintain sufficient alertness and energy levels throughout the school day. Getting specific nutritional information about lunches at your kid's school, is the final step in the determination of whether your kid's school lunches are nutritious.

Good nutrition for kid health and well being requires nutritious meals which include nutrients from each food group. School-age kids should consume at least 6 servings daily from the breads group, 5 from the fruits/vegetable group, and 2-3 servings from both the protein and dairy food groups. Nutritious bread group choices include rice, pasta and unsweetened cereals. Most fruits and vegetables are nutrient rich. Yogurt and all-natural cheese slices are kid friendly nutritious dairy group options. While peanut butter is many kids' favorite from the protein group.

Nutritious foods which help kids stay alert throughout the school day include fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C, and fish. Lentils, lean beef and yogurt are nutrient rich foods which can help kids maintain adequate energy levels. Ideally a school lunch menu should also be low in sodium, fats and added sugar.

The USDA has nutritional guidelines for kids' school lunch programs. Even still under 90% of schools met minimum nutrition guideline requirements. Contact the USDA or visit their website for a copy of these guidelines. The school district's nutrition department can provide a copy of and information about your kid's school's daily lunch menus. With information from these two sources as well as general nutrition guidelines, you can then judge if your kid's school is nutrition-conscious.

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