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A Food Pyramid Nutrition Guide

A food pyramid nutrition guide is a visual aid for understanding food groups and what amount of nutrients from each group are necessary to maintain good health. The food pyramid can guide you towards a more nutritionally sound diet. The foods at the bottom of the pyramid should comprise the largest part of your daily nutritional intake. The low-nutrient foods at the tip of the pyramid should be eaten sparingly. Remember a nutritionally balanced diet is the healthiest, so don`t go overboard even with the most nutritious foods.

At the bottom of a nutrition guide's food pyramid is the carbohydrate nutrient group. A nutritious diet should include 6-11 servings from this group daily. These nutrients provide energy. Other nutrients the body gets from this group are B vitamins and iron. Examples of a nutritious serving from this group are 1 slice of bread or cup cooked cereal, pasta or rice.

The next step on the nutrition pyramid is the fruits/vegetables group. Eating nutritiously from this group means 5-9 servings daily. This group is loaded with vitamin and mineral nutrients. Nutrient rich serving examples include 1 cup raw vegetables, _ cup vegetable juice, 1 medium banana, cup canned fruit.

Then there's the dairy nutrient group. 2-3 daily servings of these nutrients will keep bones strong. The nutrition pyramid guide gives the following serving examples: 1 cup skim milk or yogurt, 1 ounce low-fat cheese.

Protein is the next nutrient group. Iron and Zinc are nutrients found in protein. 2oz lean beef, 1tbsp peanut butter and 1 egg are nutritionally sound choices for the 2-3 recommended daily servings.

Finally, the fats/oil/sweets group is least nutritious. These foods are high in calories and low in nutrients, so limit them. Adhere to this pyramid guide and be rewarded with good health!

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