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Nutrition Information For The Parents Of Picky Toddlers

Since pickiness is a hallmark of the toddler years, most parents have gone through the stage of worrying that their child's diet isn't nutritious enough and how to get them to eat enough of each nutrient. Sometimes "nutritious diet" and "toddlers" seem like polar opposites. Unfortunately, though we live in the "information age", most parents don't have the accurate nutrition information necessary to alleviate their concerns about their toddler's nutritional intake. Information on nutrition can make mealtime more enjoyable for parents and children alike.

Toddler nutrition info is available from many sources. Their pediatrician is the best resource for information on your child's diet, whether its nutritious enough, which nutrients they need and if they're consuming each nutrient in adequate amounts. Pediatricians normally have informational pamphlets and fact sheets about child nutrition. Many books have been written on the subject of toddler nutrition, preparing nutritious foods picky eaters will love, and other info related to this topic. Other resources of up-to-date information on childhood nutritional issues are parenting, health and nutrition magazines and the internet.

Parents often worry needlessly if toddlers are getting the most important nutrients in the proper amounts. A nutritionally sound toddler diet is only a fraction of what an adult's nutritious diet should consist of. A toddler's daily nutritional intake should include at least 16oz. of dairy, 1 cup of fruits/vegetables, 1oz. of meats/proteins and 200 calories from the breads/grains food group. This is the bare minimum for proper nutrition, most children will eat more. If a toddler is healthy, growing normally and has a typical energy level, they're probably getting enough of all the necessary nutrients. A trip to the pediatrician for information about multi-vitamins, should relieve any remaining uneasiness about a particular toddler's nutrition.

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