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Nutrition Vitamins, Supplements And Deficiency Prevention

Vitamins are organic substances vital to health maintenance. Low levels of any vitamin in the body can lead to vitamin deficiency related diseases. Getting at least the recommended daily allowance of each vitamin or taking multi-nutrient supplements will eliminate this concern because nutrition vitamins can prevent and/or treat these deficiencies.

Nutrition vitamin supplements come in a variety of preparations. Vitamins A, D and H as well as the B-vitamins come in capsule form. Vitamins that come in regular and/or chewable tablet forms include the B-vitamins and vitamins A, C, D, E, H and K. Liquid vitamin supplements can be found for vitamins A, B5, B6, E and K. Only a couple of vitamin supplements, vitamins B3 and C, are readily available in powder form, while gel-caps aren't common for vitamins other then vitamin E.

Diseases resulting from vitamin deficiencies are best prevented by nutritionally balanced diets. If for some reason an individual has a consistently poor diet then they can avoid vitamin deficiency diseases by taking a vitamin supplement. For example a vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy which is most often seen in hardcore alcoholics and is marked by bleeding gums, loose teeth, joint pain, etc. A 60mg supplement or a 6oz glass of orange juice will provide the RDA of vitamin C. Vitamin A deficiency may cause Xerophthalmia which can result in blindness especially for preschool age children in underdeveloped nations.

The RDA for vitamin A can be reached either with an 800mcg supplement or through food such as an extra-large egg. Baby formula or a 10mcg supplement for breastfeeding moms who are not getting the RDA of vitamin D in their regular diet will prevent babies from getting rickets which causes bone abnormalities.

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