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vitamin B4 - What Is It?

Relatively little is known about vitamin B4, especially in comparison to other vitamins. Some still dispute its even a vitamin at all. Adenine is the chemical name for B4. B4 is more commonly used for animal feed then for humans. Vitamins B4, C and the other B-vitamins are water soluble vitamins. Water soluble vitamins are secreted from the body fairly quickly. B4 works together with other vitamins as a coenzyme to produce energy.

Good dietary sources of B4 include brewers yeast, raw unadulterated honey and bee pollen. This vitamin is also present, in varying smaller amounts, in most raw fruits and vegetables. It is also thought that B4 might be present in certain herbs such as catnip, thyme, golden seal, jojoba, and lady's slipper. Preliminary studies suggest that a deficiency of B4 may cause stunted growth, muscle weakness, depression, vertigo, fatigue, etc. It is further theorized that the health benefits of this vitamin may include boosting the immune system, preventing cell mutations, and balancing sugar levels. Caffeinated beverages and pollution may inhibit the absorption of B4. Some in the scientific and medical communities believe that the vitamin may prove to be essential in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and arthritis.

B4 vitamin supplements are not nearly as widely available as other vitamin supplements and multi-vitamins. Products containing this vitamin may be easiest to find on the internet. Some brand name which carry products containing B4, or adenine, are Jarrow Formulas, MHP and Science Naturals. These products can be found at web stores including The Vitamin Bin, America's Vitamin and Nutrition, Web Vitamins, and Total Health Vitamin Discount. A physician should be consulted prior to taking any vitamin supplement or multi-vitamin.

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