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Vitamin C Powder - Good For Your Blood

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is necessary for the body's synthesis of collagen which is the basis of connective tissue found in every cell of the body. Vitamin C also has anti-aging properties, may help prevent cataracts and aids in wound healing. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron, while magnesium and calcium help the body absorb vitamin C. Those whose regular diet is poor or have a medical condition which inhibits absorption, may benefit from a vitamin C supplement or multi-vitamin. Though vitamin C supplements also come in regular and chewable tablets as well as syrup forms, vitamin C powder is growing in popularity and may soon surpass all other forms of the vitamin's supplements.

Vitamin C powders are useful for people who have difficulty swallowing vitamins in tablet or capsule form. The powdered vitamin C supplement can be mixed with water, juice and some foods. The powdered form of vitamin C comes in pure and buffered forms. The pure form is just that, with its only ingredient being vitamin C. The buffered powder variety is recommended for those who don't tolerate or absorb pure vitamin C well. Since calcium and magnesium are known to help the absorption of vitamin C, buffered powders usually contain these two minerals. Buffered vitamin C supplements also sometimes contain potassium, cellulose and other ingredients.

There are several brands of powdered vitamin C supplements and they can be found in some supermarkets, department stores and health food stores, but perhaps their widest availability and variety is online. Some brand names of powdered Vitamin C include Source Naturals, Twin Lab, Natrol, Kal and Muscle Tech. Vitamin C supplements in powder form can be found at the found at online stores such as The Vitamin Bin, iHerb, Vitacost, Web Vitamins and Nutricraze.

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