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Vitamin C Supplement - Good For Your Skin

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is necessary for the body's production of collagen which holds together cells in the skin, gums and tendons. Vitamin C also aids in wound healing and helps fight infection. Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C. There are several conditions that may be prevented or alleviated by a vitamin c supplement or a multi-vitamin containing vitamin C.

A healthy adult needs 60mg of vitamin C daily in order to maintain their good health. Though studies suggest that extra vitamin C in the form of a supplement or a multi-vitamin can stave off certain diseases. Vitamin C supplements come in regular, time-release and chewable tablets, syrup and powder form. Vitamin supplement powders can be mixed into water or fruit juices. In one study of supplementary vitamin C, people with cataracts who took a 350mg supplement of vitamin C daily showed marked improvement in eyesight. In another study, people with chronic canker sores who took a 1,000-2000mg daily supplement of vitamin C, remained outbreak free over a period of several years. Similar dosages of vitamin C taken at the first sign of an outbreak can diminish the severity of the canker sores.

Vitamin supplements can be purchased in a wide variety of venues including department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores and online. Some supplement brand names with vitamin c product lines include EmerginC, Vitamin Shoppe, Cellex-C, Nature's Way, Doctor's Best, Health From the Sun and Vitamin Power. Of course a physician should be consulted before taking any supplement or multi-vitamin.

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