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Vitamin E Skin - Beneficial Care

Vitamin E is one of the most beneficial vitamins when it comes to skin care. The vitamin's greatest skin benefit is to combat dry, rough skin. This is probably why vitamin e skin care products are so popular nowadays. Vitamin E, also known as the beauty vitamin, is widely recognized for its proven ability in helping the skin retain its moisture and youthful appearance and for reducing sun damage to the skin.

Protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun is arguably the most important benefit of vitamin E. Most of the negative effects to the skin from the sun are a result of its ultra violet rays attacking the skin's membranes. For this reason it is important to use an E vitamin skin protecting sunscreen. Studies of the effects of ultra violet rays on the skin have shown your skin will reap the most benefits from the use of a lotion, moisturizer or sunscreen with vitamin E if it is applied to the skin hours, or better yet days, prior to expected sun exposure.

Skin care products containing vitamin E such as moisturizers, sunscreen, and moisturizing soaps and lotions can be found anywhere health and beauty aids are sold. Just browse the skin care aisle and you'll be sure to have several products with vitamin e to choose from. Skin care products with vitamin E are available in a wide price range to fit any budget. Derma E, Avon, Johnson & Johnson, and Lever 2000 are but a few of the brands with skin care product lines containing vitamin E. Try drug stores, department stores and your local bath & body shop to find these and other vitamin E enriched skin care product lines.

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