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Much research has been done into the health benefits of vitamins, vitamin supplements and multi-vitamins. Recent vitamin research has shown vitamin supplements or multi-vitamins to be successful in treating and/or preventing everything from cleft lips to infertility. Vitamins research has come a long way in the past decade, finding new therapeutic uses for vitamins such as retinol[A], folic acid, ascorbic acid[C], biotin[H] the B-vitamins, etc.

Researchers at Georgetown University in Washington, DC found in a 2003 study that vitamin E and vitamin C in combination lowered the risk of the development of Alzheimer's disease or halted its progression. Other research studies have shown that mega-doses of vitamin B1 or a daily multi-vitamin have effects on Alzheimer's as well.

In a 2003 research study of vitamin B3 researchers in Japan found that vitamin B3 supplements improved airway functioning in asthmatics. In other asthma related research, multi-vitamins and the herb gingko biloba showed therapeutic effects. While other vitamin B3 research is showing success in treating heart disease and rosacea.

A 2002 study by researchers at the Swedish Institute for Health Economics showed that a cost effective way of avoiding fractures common in elderly with osteoporosis, is with a daily dose of a combination vitamin D and calcium supplement. Separate studies have shown that folic acid and vitamin K can also help treat or prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamin A, vitamin E and folic acid have all been proven helpful in the treatment of cancer. There are several ongoing studies in their preliminary stages, trying to prove vitamin B17's effectiveness in preventing cancer. Research on the health benefits of vitamins is uncovering new things all the time. Consult a physician if you think any of these vitamins may be of benefit to you.

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