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Scientists first successfully isolated vitamins in food and identified their structure in the twentieth century. Vitamins are organic substances essential to human health. The health benefits of vitamins include boosting the immune system and slowing down the aging process. Vitamins can be purchased in a variety of places including supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and health food stores. But buying vitamins can get pricey for those on a budget, so comparison shopping may be the way to go. Running from store to store looking for the best bargain on vitamins is time consuming, whereas shopping for vitamins online is quicker and easier.

One vitamin online resource is where all vitamins are 50%-80% off and shipping is free on vitamin orders over $75.00. also offers great savings on a wide variety of vitamins., and all offer vitamins at up to 75% off and free shipping on vitamin orders over a certain amount.

When comparison shopping online for vitamins is the place to go. Typing "vitamin" into their search engines will bring up several vitamin brands, the online stores that carry them and how much they cost at each of these websites. That way you can get a particular vitamin you want at the best price. For instance All-1 Multi-vitamin 210T can be found at two different websites at a $5.00 price difference. An even bigger disparity in savings can be for a 90 capsule bottle of Garden of Life Living Vitamin C, this can be found at several different online stores for prices between $18.00 and $36.00. Research can payoff for the budget conscious vitamin shopper, so look around before buying.

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